The Chime Grant Program was established by Area 5 to promote handbell and handchime ringing. In 2018, the board voted to expand the program beyond school settings to include churches, music therapy efforts, elder care recreation, and more.

Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky was awarded the Area 5 Chime Grant in July 2020 and have been using chimes in their music therapy programs. Katie Cowan, MT-BC, NICU-MT, explained how Norton Hospital uses the chimes.

“The addition of tone chimes to our program has provided the opportunity for patients to make and play music together. Chimes are easy to use and provide a way for all patients to participate despite motor, cognitive or psychological limitations. They make music more accessible and create a way for everyone to be involved in the music-making process.


“At Norton Healthcare, music therapy group is utilized to compliment mental health care received in the inpatient setting. Group goals include increased coping skills, relaxation, self-expression, emotional awareness and empowerment. A music therapy session in this setting may look like a music therapist leading a guided meditation activity along with music, patients singing and playing along to preferred music and discussing themes or connections to life or even songwriting activities. Patients work to gain skills each day that they can use to live a better life after discharge.”

The Area 5 Chime Grant creates space in organizations to build concepts of music, teamwork, mental focus, gross and fine motor skills, and the joy of personal achievement. Click here to apply.