In January 2023, Area 5 launched a new initiative for college students and young professionals called Inspiring College Event. Held at First Presbyterian Theater in Fort Wayne, Indiana, twenty-four ringers came together for rehearsals, social engagement, meals, and the presentation of a final concert. Creating a place for young adults to meet, share, and ring together was one of the primary goals established by the Area 5 Board for this endeavor, and based on the observations from ringers and Area 5 leadership, that goal was successfully met. One participant remarked that she “had no idea there are so many ringers my age.”

The concert program for the inaugural Inspiring Event was designed from a unique perspective utilizing poetry and repertoire support the title “Inspiring Life.” Constructed in three sections, the theme cycled through the rhythm of life, the journey of life, and the joy of life. The program design made a significant impact on the performers and audience.

Rhythm of Life
“Finding Your Rhythm”, poem by Arlene Corwin
Beginnings (Scott McGlasson. Lorenz 20/2139L, L4)
Vivace (Brenda Austin. GIA Publications, Inc. G-9019, L3+)

Journey of Life
“The Road Not Taken”, poem by Robert Frost
The Journey Home (Paul McKlveen. GIA Publications, Inc. G-6623, L3)
A Million Dreams (Ron Mallory. Hope Publishing Company 2914, L3)

Joy of Life
“Joy of Life”, poem by Gangadharan Nair
Joy and Hope Abounding (Cathy Moklebust. Choristers Guild CGB1079, L4)
Rejoice and Be Glad (Joe Galyon. From the Top Music 20698, L3+)
Te Deum (Dean Wagner. Red River Music BL5027, L4)

Striving to innovate the future of handbells, Area 5 plans to evaluate, improve, and establish an ongoing succession of Inspiring Events for college students and young professionals strengthening the ringing community in that demographic.

Inspiring conductor Joe Galyon