Pearl Marshall was the 2020 Area 5 Associate Conductor and worked with Conductor Michael Glasgow at the Spring Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. When asked to reflect on her experience she said,

“I am very grateful to the selection committee for choosing me to participate in Area 5’s Associate Conductor Program this year. While my handbell career has included many ringing, directing, teaching, performing, and event hosting experiences, the view from the massed conductor’s podium offered a completely new and surprising perspective.

“Michael was a wonderful mentor. We had some very affirming conversations about philosophies of teaching and directing. He shared many insights about the eccentricities of massed conducting including ways to reduce distraction through directing style and presentation, balancing nuance with keeping everyone together, adjusting for varying levels of preparedness, experience, and ability, and engaging the room to achieve the common goal.

“Through this experience, I learned more about my own strengths and interests as well. I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the melding of spirits and sense of community that is nurtured by making music with so many others. This opportunity has stretched my abilities in new ways, and helped clarify areas in which I want to develop as a handbell director.

“I’m very glad to have connected with some new Area 5 handbell people, and I look forward to continued involvement with the Guild. Many thanks to the Board for providing such a wonderful opportunity for growth, and to Patty Saunders and Kelly Johns for their guidance and support. I’m eager to see what happens next!”

Area 5 would like to thank Pearl for her time and talents in making our Louisville festival a success. To learn more about the Associate Conductor Program click here.

Associate Conductor Pearl Marshal (center) with Area 5 Chair Rhonda Blacklock (left) and Conductor Michael Glasgow (right).