Greetings Ringers and Directors of Area 5!

My name is Susan Oxley, and I want to introduce myself as the new Chair of Area 5. I also want to thank my predecessor, Kay French, for her years of dedicated service for Area 5. Her enthusiasm will be missed by the Area 5 board, but she will still be around at our events sharing her smile!

If you haven’t already heard, after two years of our smaller “Ring-re-Treat” festivals, we are returning to our larger festival/conference format this spring! I hope you will consider attending our festival April 15-16 in Dayton, with Kevin McChesney as our guest conductor. You will find more information about that by clicking here. Also notice that our registration process has changed, and from now on you can register for festivals and workshops online! We hope that you will find this to be more convenient.

We are also continuing to offer educational workshops in the fall in each of our states. Most of these workshops have already taken place this fall, but there is still time to register for our last workshop on November 7th in Indianapolis. Ringers and directors have found these smaller workshops to be extremely valuable, so don’t miss out.

New this year will be an exciting youth event called InspireRing! Be sure to check that out too!

Finally, I want to thank our other outgoing Area 5 board members, Brenda Austin and Wendy Ransom, for their service, and welcome aboard our newest members, Sue Scott and Stephanie Nash. I am grateful to everyone on the board for volunteering their time and talents in order to offer fantastic events for our members. We are also working hard to keep you informed of all that we are offering, so be sure to read our monthly email, the TNT Blast, and share it with your ringers, or with other choirs who are not yet members of the Handbell Musicians of America. Your Area 5 board is here to serve YOU!

Ring On!