Area 5 Chime Grants Available

chime grant pic 2Are you a classroom music teacher looking for an exciting new way to engage your students musically? Have you always wanted to add handchimes to your curriculum, but lack the funds to purchase them at this time? Then Handbell Musicians of America Area 5 has just the program for you. We have ten sets of 3-octave handchimes available for music teachers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia! If you teach music in one of these states, please consider applying for our handchime grant program. With this program you will receive 3 octaves of high-quality handchimes as well as music resources to use in your classroom. You will be able to keep the handchimes for the entire school year, to use as often as you wish. Handchimes grants are available to anyone teaching in these state, in public, private or religious school settings.

Handchimes offer a hands on way for students to experience music in an ensemble setting. They can be used with children of all ages to explore musical concepts more deeply than one may be able to do with other typical classroom instruments. The most unique and exciting musical concept that can be explored using handchimes is chord structure. Handchimes offer a visual way for students to see how chords are created and function within a piece. Older students can explore music theory and chordal structure, while even the youngest students begin to see how notes are layered to create harmony.

ChimesIf you have ever wanted to purchase handchimes, having the instruments in your classrooms and concerts can be a fantastic way to demonstrate to your school community what can be accomplished with handchimes! It can be a challenge to purchase an instrument the many have not seen or played. Yet, after seeing what is possible, many school communities are ready to purchase chime sets of their own!

Please visit the Chime Grant page for the application and more information!

You can also email our Area 5 Education Chair April Murphy for more information:

Deadline for applications has been extended! All applications must be submitted via email.

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